Thursday, November 03, 2005

Do more than fundrising

UNICEF-Sweden did not comment, but the secretary general mailed me. She reviewed the ad before publishing and states:
"to me it was obvious that the ad was not about family size in Bangladesh, but about factors underlying trafficking of children. To me it was also obvious that we did not base the ad on statistics about the number of children per family in Bangladesh, but on a rather representative example (of trafficking).

Problem is that no one pay for a full page in Sweden?s main daily that says:

Progress in Bangladesh! Number of children per women has fallen from six to three in the last generation.
But for good humanitarian reason Swedish public is remanded about remaining problems. The result is a wide spread perception that the world is not improving. Is it contra productive for fundraising to share good news from Bangladesh ? provides a free pdf-report of a good study of child mortality in Bangladesh. Due to fast reduction of deaths from infections and malnutrition the main cause of death in children above one year is now drowning, i.e. progress but remaining problems. Why not in a full page put a small textbox with facts and links so that the public in the post-industrialized countries learn about the progress in Bangladesh and large parts of Asia.


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