Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ex missionary in Kagera urge Sweden to speak

This mail came from a former Missonary in Kagera:
Sent: den 28 oktober 2006 17:58 To:
Subject: Illegal deportations in Tanzania
Dear Hans,
Thanks a lot for bringing up this humanitarian catastrophy to light. Having worked for 7 years as a missionary in Karagwe, your appeal gave me reason to investigate further on the matter of illegal deportations of Tanzanian citizens.
I feel deeply shocked by the report I obtained this afternoon about rampant abuse of of human rights in a country where I and my family spent some of our best years in life. My source of information said that the local authorities, obviously with the consent of the Government of Tanzania, fill 7 to 8 lorries a day, each lorry with around 100 people packed like cargo, people whom they leave in a camp 10 kms inside Rwanda.
There have also been reports of rape and torture against alleged "foreigners", many of whom are born and bred by parents, whose parents in turn came from Rwanda.
It is high time Sweden speaks out. If there exists sincere friendship between our countries after such a long time of co-operation, then we cannot let the suffering citizens down.
Mapambano yanaendelea,
let the struggle continue for a better world, Birgitta Farelius


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