Monday, April 09, 2007

Perestroika in the Soviet Republic of Texas!

Cotton farmers in Texas earn their wealth from Soviet-like government subsidies. The annual 4 billion US dollar tax subsides to 25 000 US cotton farmers are of concern for global health! The reason being that this obstacle to free trade kill so many children.
1. Subsidies hamper economic growth in cotton producing west African countries. This keeps millions of hardworking farmers in poverty and hinder them to care well for their children.
2. If only parts of the 4 tax billions were re-directed tovAnn Venneman at UNICEF, she can avoid 600,000 child deaths from pneumonia by using 0.6 billion USD to provide care and antibiotics.
3. The soviet cotton economy of Texas is a major obstacle for successful agreements on free world trade. And a fair global trade system will save thelives of so many children’s .

The world is waiting for a US president with the guts to implement a cotton Perestroika in Texas!